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Welcome to shinglefish cape cod where we make freehand-painted fish, sea creatures and surfboards on Cape Cod weathered cedar shingles. Wood that has been weathered for years and protected cottages from the elements is recycled to find a new life.

Fish symbolize the energy of water, health, wealth and continuous abundance in feng shui as well as other cultural practices throughout modern and ancient history. Many other sea creatures have beautiful symbolism along the same lines.

Marine animals like octopus, whales, sharks, starfish, lobsters and jellyfish have been known to also symbolize ideas and energy related to freedom, transformation, wisdom, fertility, unity, joy, and liberation from the confines of societal expectation.

May you find the perfect spot to place your shinglefish and set an intention to attract these auspicious qualities into your life!


Located in Truro, MA, shinglefish cape cod is the art baby of Nicole Gelinas.

Industry made from cottages.

Upcycled art inspired by nature.

shinglefish was born in the summer of 2018 in mind only and then design. In 2 weeks it went from a brainchild to physical form with the spark of inspiration, the prompt of a few instagram admirers and a local festival invitation. shinglefish is growing every day with a focus on joy, fun, inspiration and playfulness.

Nicole lives in Truro, on the outer hook of Cape Cod for most of the year and likes to travel to other inspirational locales with an abundance of sea life like Maui, St. John USVI and Costa Rica. Find her on instagram and fb @nicolemgelinas and follow shinglefish @shinglefishcapecod.







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DRIFT, Wellfleet

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I love my shinglefish and it’s place in my kitchen. Nicole breathes life into these unique works of art.
— Tricia, Eastham, MA
I love your unique way of making old shingles come to life with sea pictures. They look great with my vintage, artsy farmhouse-like decor in my cottage by the sea.
— Arlene, Malibu, CA

I love the pop of color that my fishies bring to my living room wall! My Shinglefish make me smile every day!
— Emily, Wellfleet, MA
Shinglefish is a amazing concept and I’m excited to finally own one. I ordered the lobster and it was delivered extremely quickly. The quality is impeccable and I can’t wait to order more. These would make a great gift or just great to help bring a room together. Highly recommended.
— Michael, Stoughton, MA

~ a whimsical, fun treasure made with intent to spread the joy of the outer cape! a perfect gift for anyone who loves the beach and ocean 🐚🐠’s like finding a shellfish and taking it home, but better ❤️
— Patty, Ashfield, MA
These are great little gifts!
— Court, London, England


say hello to shingles. strip nails. set intention. prep with paint. let dry. paint fish, SEA CREATURES or SURfboards. let dry. spray with sealer. let dry. sign back.

kiss it. wrap it. say goodbye.


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